Emera– 5151 Terminal Road Renovation- A WORLD-LEADING SMART BUILDING

Powered By Technology

What started as a building contract for EllisDon on the Emera - 515 Terminal RD Renovation project, quickly turned into a project that required the company’s building technology expertise. It has turned Emera into one of the world’s largest Power over Ethernet (PoE) buildings in the world.“Every device in the building, whether it’s a light bulb or security camera, they’re all riding on a Cisco network,” says Bill McGowan, Director, Smart Connected Real Estate, Cisco.EllisDon – Energy & Digital Services provided a full service (Design, Professional Services, and Support) for the integration of coverged IT network, including in-depth specification in collaboration with the owner’s IT teams.

“We now have the ability to listen and learn what the building is telling US” Andrew COE, project manager, Energy and Digital Services

The building consists of Power over Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure at its core to power the building automation system, lighting system, CCTV system, and card access infrastructure.EllisDon’s Energy and Digital Services team’s involvement in design and procurement ensured that the converged network design was optimized for future operations and maintenance and sustainability goals, adequately secured against evolving cyber threats and designed to be platform agnostic with open protocols to ensure future scalability and adaptability.

“We now have the ability to listen and learn to what the building is telling us,” says Andrew Coe, Project Manager, EllisDon Energy and Digital Services. “We can make intelligent decisions on how we can operate this facility more efficiently as time goes on.”The project involves the alteration of a 50-year-old 125,000 square-foot structure into a modern ‘Class A’ office space. It includes complete renovation of seven floors around the existing concrete structure, which is the only remaining original feature.

Building on Great Relationships

The entire new building is equipped with alternative energy generation and intelligent/ converged building systems capabilities.An existing 8-year old building located adjacent to this project also has a legacy IT network which is being integrated as part of a campus fabric solution.

“We’re now in a long-term support arrangement with EllisDon,” says Scott Balfour, CEO, Emera. “It gave us a relationship that extends beyond the completion of the original construction of the building."“This was a complete modernization into something that is now world leading” Scott Balfour, CEO, EMERA.

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