Employee “Feed Our Heroes” campaign delivers to our healthcare heroes

Two months ago, one of our employees, Russell Abelido, Project Manager, Design Build, started a Go Fund Me campaign “Feed Our Heroes” to fundraise and deliver prepared food (or gift cards/vouchers/cash) to our hard-working healthcare workers while partnering with local businesses.

After many weeks of fundraising, Feed Our Heroes has made deliveries to 52 institutions (Hospital, Retirement Homes and Long Term Care facilities), which includes 4700 meals and $200,000+ of monetary and in-kind contributions.

"Feed Our Heroes started as a small initiative to show support to our frontline healthcare workers. It has organically morphed into a platform for everyone, individuals, small and large businesses, to get involved to show that the entire community appreciates and salutes all the hard work and sacrifices our healthcare heroes have provided us. The community support have made things a little easier, even if it's just momentary" says Russell Abelido, Project Manager, Design Build, EllisDon.

Feed Our Heroes is continuing to make deliveries as our healthcare workers continue to put their health and safety on the line to care for our communities.Thank you, Russell, for leading this amazing initiative. Let’s all do what we can to help our heroes.

For more information on Feed Our Heroes, click HERE.