Empowering Youth: EllisDon's Commitment to STEP To Construction Program

EllisDon's commitment to empowering youth includes supporting programs like STEP To Construction– a co-op program providing Grade 11 and 12 students with hands-on experience on a job site.

The STEP To Construction program allows students to spend a semester on a job site sampling several skilled trades, including electrical, carpentry, plumbing, and more, to see if one sparks their interest. The program, which stands for Specialized Trades Exploration Program, provides students to explore from three to seven of these trades over a semester, gaining invaluable experience on EllisDon sites. Additionally, once a week, students attend George Brown College in Downtown Toronto, for a dual credit in Construction Health and Safety, earning safety certificates to add to their resumes free of charge. By the end of the program, STEP grads have earned five high school credits and a college credit.

Our partnership with the program enables us to support youth on-site for projects with significant impact, spending one semester mentored by skilled trades and EllisDon employees. Throughout their placement, students can test out different skilled trades such as electrical to carpentry, drywall to sheet metal work, plumbing, tile-setting, bricklaying, cement finishing and much more.

One of our program participants, Omaro, shared his experience as part of STEP ToConstruction in 2023, stating, "I’ve met a lot of amazing people that passed on their knowledge to me, and they treated me like a family." We're proud to have played a part in Omaro's journey and are thrilled to see him graduate high school and thrive in the trades.

At EllisDon, we believe in investing in programs like STEP To Construction to help bridge the gap in our industry's shortage of skilled tradespeople. We're committed to developing and supporting the next generation of future leaders. We hope to continue having students on our sites, providing them with opportunities to gain hands-on experience and discover their passion for the industry.

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