Happy International Women in Engineering Day!

Today is dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of women in engineering and focusing on the amazing career opportunities for women in this exciting industry. This year, we celebrate the theme of Inventors & Innovators by showcasing some of our women in engineering here at EllisDon.

Check out what they say about breaking the mould and paving the way for future generations!

Gayle Noonan
Title: Assistant Project Manager, Pre-Construction

“International Women in Engineering Day represents the hard work of women around the world to say, ‘yes, I can’ when the industry said ‘no.’ Women are doing amazing things and opening more doors every day for the generations to follow. I am proud to be a Professional Engineer and show my daughter that being a woman will never hold you back!”

Kathryn Ireland
Title: Project Manager, Assistant, Looby

“I grew up visiting and working on construction sites with my father completing the mechanical concrete finishing on bridge decks. Looby sites were a frequent destination. It was there I met Neil Mustard, P.Eng, I became intrigued by his role and what a civil engineer does. I was inspired to pursue a career in the field. Neil, and Kevin Smith, have provided me with invaluable mentorship and encouragement throughout college, university work placements and obtaining my P.Eng designation, as have other members of the team. Looby is not only my team but also my family.”

Lorena Proietti
Title: Manager, Building and Material Sciences

"International Women in Engineering Day is about celebrating those who have committed to the profession. For me, it's important to be part of a diverse team, where everyone works in a supportive and collaborative environment. Women play a key role in this, sharing different perspectives and helping to create diverse groups. Our mandate now is to show the younger generation of women who are thinking about a career in engineering that this profession will provide them with the opportunity to be innovators and leaders."

Shannon Lee Tai Fuy
Title: Project Manager, Looby

“I was inspired to become an engineer when a much younger version of myself decided she wanted to build roller coasters while visiting DisneyLand. While the type of engineering I wanted to pursue may have changed, this thought carried me through high school and into university for civil engineering. In university, I had the opportunity to do co-op placements with a designer, the government, and a contractor, and ultimately knew that construction was for me. Some friends pointed me in the direction of Looby, saying it would be a good fit, and I’ve been here ever since.”

Kristine Szeto
Title: Director, M&E Preconstruction

“It's important to celebrate women in engineering because we are still underrepresented in the workforce. We need to celebrate our achievements and show young women and girls what kinds of careers they can have. I am proud to call myself an engineer and grateful for the career opportunities that are available to me because of the education I received as an engineer.”