MENA EllisDon Wins Construction Technology Forum Competition in Dubai

The EllisDon MENA team recently won a highly competitive competition organized by the Construction Technology Forum in Dubai. This competition focused on a digital twin case study and how it has been implemented to enhance the delivery or performance of an asset.

EllisDon presented a case study of our bespoke digital twin solution called EKO, which was developed and implemented for a 6-story medical facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE. EKO is a comprehensive system that integrates 3D/BIM, sensors, cloud, and fault detection and diagnostics algorithms to optimize energy consumption, carbon emission, and asset performance for the facility.

The implementation strategy involved defining objectives and goals, collecting, and integrating data from multiple building management systems, revising, and updating the BIM database, and developing analytics and recommendations based on logical rules. The solution was customized to suit the specific needs and challenges of various types of assets, such as HVAC, elevator, lighting, and specialty medical equipment, and to comply with high data security and medical protocols.

The digital twin solution resulted in a better patient experience and more efficient medical facilities. EllisDon's innovative approach and dedication to improving asset performance and sustainability were recognized as best-in-class by the Construction Technology Forum.

Congratulations to the entire MENA team for their outstanding work and dedication!