MENA Team Supports Mental Health Awareness Month

This past May, our MENA (Middle East North Africa) team recognized Mental Health Awareness Month and our MENA team took part by wearing green to show our support for mental health awareness.

Wearing green is a symbolic gesture to promote positive mental health practices and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health challenges. We believe in the importance of creating a culture of acceptance and understanding, where everyone feels comfortable discussing their mental health and seeking support when needed.

At EllisDon, we understand the importance of mental health by bringing in mental health initiatives. Our mental health specialist, Nadina Holca, ran a workshop for the MENA region team about mental health in the workplace within construction. The team also had a session with Anna White, a Licensed Occupational Therapist and Director of Mental Health for Lighthouse Arabia.

We're proud of our team for showing their support and raising awareness about mental health. We hope that by sparking important conversations, we can continue to make progress towards breaking down the barriers that prevent people from seeking help.

We look forward to continuing to promote positive mental health practices in our workplace and beyond.