Nadina Holca, EllisDon’s first Mental Health Specialist, aims to figure out ‘the puzzle pieces of mental health'

We are very proud of our very own NadinaHolca, EllisDon’s first Mental Health Specialist, for being featured in a DCN news article, discussing the different measures on how the delivery of mental health can be improved, specifically in the construction industry.

Nadina is navigating ‘the puzzle pieces of mental health’ by focusing on providing strategic support on an organizational level, identifying barriers and evaluating initiatives to target those barriers. Some of her responsibilities include providing reading materials and literature which can be accessed online, researching mental health training courses, and exploring the possibilities of partnering or collaborating with external groups such as the Canadian Safety Research Alliance.

“While I do not provide psychotherapy services, I can help liaise individuals with meaningful treatment options in their communities and guide them to seeking support for themselves or providing information and education as to the direction they might want to take on their own,” she says.

Discover how Nadina is breaking down barriers and providing strategic support to improve mental health resources at EllisDon: