Preserving Heritage: Calgary’s Historic City Hall

Calgary’s Historic City Hall has been a city landmark since it was first built 107 years ago. Featuring the iconic Seth Thomas Clock, the only remaining timepiece of its kind in Canada, Historic City Hall is the only building in Canada with Federal, Provincial, and Municipal historic status.Now over a century old, the sandstone structure has shown signs of deterioration, requiring significant rehabilitation to the site. In 2016, EllisDon took on the project to restore and preserve the heritage of the building. Work includes rehabilitation of the building envelope, structural reinforcement, heritage recording and material conservation work, site servicing and landscaping.

“It's a once in a lifetime project for a construction professional,” said Joanne Foster, Sr. Project Manager, EllisDon. “Calgary does not have very many historic buildings, especially of this nature. “Being able to work on a historic sandstone masonry building that has not had this type of rehabilitation since the time it was originally built is a true honour and privilege.”Historic City Hall is one of the most significant heritage projects currently underway in Canada. With over 15,000 pieces of sandstone that each requires cataloging and specific treatment prior to installation this project is both unique and complex.

“Being a native Calgarian, I grew up around this beautiful building. Knowing I am able to contribute in such a significant way to Calgary's construction legacy and ensuring this historic building is rehabilitated for future generations to enjoy makes me proud,” said Joanne.The rehabilitation project is slated for completion by July 2020 with the expectation that the new exterior will last for another 100 years.