Transforming Construction Sites: Breezeways and Sea Can Offices

Welcome to the future of construction site efficiency and safety! At EllisDon, we're proud to introduce our revolutionary project — Breezeways and Sea Can Office at our 481 University Ave. site in Toronto.

Breezeways, acting as overhead protection, not only provide pedestrians with a safely covered walking path but also serve as a space for site office staff to work above public access, with the purpose of helping sites with logistic constraints and space-saving. This dual-purpose design eliminates the need for dedicated site office space, ensuring that a valuable site space is optimized for enhanced efficiency.

Breezeways are designed for safety and efficiency, with features such as anti-slip flooring, handrails, a hoarding wall and sloping ramps that ensure accessibility for all. Equipped with an Intelligent Lighting System, Breezeways save on electricity costs by detecting movement and sloping ramps ensure accessibility for all.

Our Sea Can Offices redefine on-site workspaces with stackable designs in three lengths: 10, 20, and 40 feet. Custom engineering allows for additional stacking, meeting unique project needs. Efficient shipping and setup ensure quick deployment with pre-wired electrical and data for insulation, heating, and cooling. Enhanced security features, including bar-locked doors and optional cameras, offer a secure working environment. Our commitment to efficiency is proven by installing a 5 x 20' Breezeway and 4 Sea Can site offices, complete with power connections, in just 12 hours.

Join us in reshaping the construction landscape. Together, let's build a future where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, positively impacting every project, environment, and community we serve.