Jun 27, 2020


Atrio Torre Norte Project (BMS)

Client: Alianza Fiduciaria S.A.

Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Delivery Model: Construction Management

Value: $255 Million USD

ATRIO is a major mixed-use commercial development in central Bogotá comprising two towers, North and South, with a large open public space at ground level. The ATRIO project modified Bogotá’s urban landscape, updating its profile with the world’s great cities.

EllisDon was first retained for the project to provide pre-construction consulting under a Technical Assistance Agreement. EllisDon also provided significant corporate support in construction engineering, scheduling, project logistics, safety, and project administration.

During the preconstruction phase of the project, the EllisDon Building and Material Sciences group coordinated a full laboratory and production trial program in order to qualify the concrete supply proponents and verify that the project’s stringent modulus of elasticity structural requirements could be met using local material sources.

To ensure the project would meet the consultants’ stringent project performance requirements and aesthetic expectations, the EllisDon Building and Material Sciences group, in cooperation with the project team, conducted a detailed evaluation of both the structural steel and curtain wall supply markets. The program evaluated 18 structural steel subcontractors and 10 curtain wall suppliers from around the world resulting in an extremely competitive bid list while maintaining a high level of quality. Evaluations considered technical ability, overall sophistication, corporate capacity, logistics, quality, and financial feasibility.

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