Jun 27, 2020


Build Smoke-Free Challenge

The Build Smoke-Free Challenge is an ongoing Canadian Cancer Society program in partnership with EllisDon, Ottawa Public Health, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. This challenge empowers people working in construction who are ready to stop smoking with free resources and information to help them break free from addiction; to further support workers, we build social and physical environments designed to make it easier to go smoke-free.

The 30-day challenge is held regularly across EllisDon job sites. For many participants, this is the first step in their journey to quit. Participants receive up to 10 weeks of Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy, weekly tips and tools to help in quitting journey, one-on-one support, tools, and resources to help throughout the challenge, and incentives to complete the challenge. Support tools include video clips, tips, information and direct connection to smokers’ helpline.

The challenge has proved to be a success with participants reporting they have embraced a new, smoke-free lifestyle, and with job sites continuing to hold more challenges.

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