Jun 27, 2020


Fort McMurray Fires

Location: Alberta

Delivery Model: Consulting Services

Team/Service: IST – Insurance Building Costs Consultants

Scope: Insurance Claim Assessments - Building Repair Costs Consultants/Program Management

We were tasked to track costs associated with a time and material contractor restoring the hospital to full use prior to residents returning. Utilizing Fieldwire and google sheets platform we were able to track the consumables, equipment and manpower onsite and verify overall project costs for our client.

EllisDon noticed a lack of coordination onsite between the contractor and the stakeholder AHS. We then chaired daily meetings, created a milestone schedule and ensured all parties were aware of project risk, deliverables and ultimately ensured accountability to all parties. Filling in the void of a communication gap helped push the project toward completion.

Residents were returning to Fort McMurray after the fires and required an active healthcare facility. We chaired the QA/QC process and ensured each area was signed off by each unit stakeholder to achieve success. The residents of Fort McMurray returned and the hospital opened on schedule.

Due to the fire, the water treatment facility was inoperable and therefore a temporary water system had to be created. Utilizing members of our M&E team, we were able to assist in developing a multiple cistern system to allow temporary freshwater into the hospital until city water was restored. Our team helped calculate the size of the cisterns as well as how to bypass the plumbing system to allow a temporary tie-in.

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