Jun 27, 2020


Hand Protection Program

In 2020 EllisDon implemented a Hand Protection Policy and Program to help reduce the severity and number of hand injuries at our work locations through the use of appropriate hand protection when a hazard is present.

The Hand Protection Program is a “glove on person” policy which requires all EllisDon employees and visitors to have gloves readily available on their person, except administrative staff while working in an office. All employees and visitors, regardless of their position, are required to wear the appropriate gloves when their task or work location presents a hazard that may cause a hand injury. Gloves must meet the level of protection required for the tasks and hazards identified on the hazard assessment.

At a minimum, all EllisDon employees and visitors regardless of their position and role are required to wear gloves whenever their hands come in contact with a surface or tool that may cause a hand injury. This includes using access ladders or scaffolding.

In January 2022, this program was expanded to all subcontractors working on EllisDon job sites.

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