Jun 27, 2020


Jersey of Courage

“We can and must commit ourselves to a new, higher standard of safety – not only EllisDon employees, but every single person on our jobsites. Safety is more important than making money, more important than making schedules, more important than client service, it is more important than absolutely anything. I salute the constant, daily efforts of everyone who makes this the top priority at EllisDon and I am excited to collaborate with Rob Ellis and MysafeWork to continue to elevate our efforts.” -Geoff Smith, EllisDon President and CEO

A health and safety program inspired by the Ontario General Contractors Association League of Champion’s collaboration with Rob Ellis, founder of MySafeWork, who became a safety advocate after his 18-year old son was killed in a job-site accident.

The Jersey of Courage was a mobile safety charter, used to engage employees and students in important issues surrounding workplace safety.

With over 500,000 signatures collected, each signature represents a commitment to making Canada the world's safest place to work. Our goal was to implement a management leadership commitment and to create a behaviour-based awards program that encouraged greater employee participation and reporting of near misses, and that recognized positive behaviour.

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