Jun 27, 2020


RCMP Detachments Project

Client: Government of Canada

Location: Faro, YT; Carcross, YT; and Fort Saint James, BC

Delivery Model: Subcontract

These projects involved the demolition and new build of two Royal Canadian Mounted Police buildings as well as significant renovation and upgrade to a third building in the far north of Western Canada.

The Modular team was contracted to develop the modular design for the new buildings in

conjunction with the external consultant teams and to produce a modular layout with minimal adjustment to the internal layout of the buildings. Designed for both “post-disaster” and northern climates, the building included detention cells, offices, locker and shower rooms, and specialized security and surveillance features. To fulfill the attached garage requirement and build in the factory environment, the team developed a panelized steel frame wall system and roof assembly. Module sizes were optimized early in the design for transportation and installation in these remote locations. The facility shipped up to 90% complete including garage doors, fixtures, millwork, and electrical and HVAC systems, all of which reduced the site finish time.

The Modular team identified areas for improved constructability and worked collaboratively with EllisDon’s Building & Material Sciences (BMS) team and the client to make adjustments where required and find solutions to achieve an optimal modular design that met the client’s functional requirements as well as the desired sustainable building features. The BMS team was also highly collaborative in overcoming building envelope concerns related to both the general design and to adapting the modular installation to the demands of the harsh North Canadian winter.

Building off-site in a factory-controlled environment resulted in a higher level of quality assurance and quality control due to the required checkpoints and inspections throughout the manufacturing process. The Modular team delivered a high-quality building with all finishes and systems installed, which ultimately reduced the time needed on-site for finishing and also minimized deficiencies. This was of significant benefit to the client due to the remote site locations.

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