Jun 27, 2020


Stackt Market Project (CPL)

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Delivery Model: Project Management

Value: $7 milliion

Size: 100,000 sq. ft.

This project piloted the use of pre-assembled retail modules made from shipping containers and was the first modular shipping container market of its kind in Ontario. An amazing feature of the market is the ability for easy relocation of modules should the client’s lease with the city expire, allowing for multiple module configurations that can be adapted to different sites.

A design and construction approach was formulated to facilitate project construction on the site, which was previously seen as unusable due to land contamination.

With the project being located in Toronto’s downtown core, the Planning and Logistics team was able to coordinate with the Engineering team to determine an ideal location for the mobile crane to avoid conflicts with the container layout plan. The team was able to provide input through the logistics plan to avoid crane conflicts with the nearby railway, daycare, and busy roads and streets.

EllisDon Construction Management team and the shipping container sub-trade collaborated to prepare site logistics drawings crucial in making key decisions regarding efficient site operations, ease of access to the site and key sections of the container layout, and to ensure we maintained a smooth flow and interplay of traffic between the various sub-trades. Construction logistic phases ensured there would be no conflicting access requirements for the sub-trades trying to enter and exit their scope of work locations.

The logistics planning was able to aid with keeping the deliveries of the modules on schedule; the logistic coordination plan was implemented on-site and was used to guide the project team with smooth transitions throughout the various phases of module installation.

The team was trusted with guiding the client through the administration processes and providing the client with a sense of security as they navigated this project. Ultimately EllisDon helped the client achieve its goal of converting vacant unused land into a profitable social hub now widely considered a top outdoor destination in Toronto.